Sunday, August 9, 2009

They saved the best for last, Kaho'olawe!

Our last week of HYCC and we were fortunate enough to spend it on the beautiful island of Kaho'olawe! This week, we were with the Lana'i Team, Oahu B Team, and the KIRC Crew. It was nice mingling with other groups, we became really close with them throughout the week.

Big Island to O'ahu. O'ahu to Maui. Maui to Kaho'olawe.

An hour boat ride from Maui to Kaho'olawe

Greetings from the bombs that lay on Kaho'olowe
This week was amazing. With the amount of people we had, we did a lot of work and had so much fun! We were divided into two groups. One group did erosion control by laying coconut husk mats with mulch and seeds under it at certain area. They also picked lots and lots of seeds, mostly A'ali'i Seeds. The other group weed whacked an area, chopped down some trees, and moved a huge tank. All together, we did some weeding, chopped some Kiawe branches, and spread seeds.

Our site manager, Jackson.

Jackson and along with the KIRC Crew taught us a lot. They made sure that our visit to Kaho'olawe was unforgettable, and believe me, it was. From learning about the stars, learning about the shark god, learning about the navigators spot, to going up to the two highest peaks on the island, and greeting the sun with a chant. Also, allowing us to go swimming everyday after work and feeding us great meals everyday! Thank you Jackson and KIRC!

Dusty, dusty, dusty

Kona Cru left their offerings before departing the island

Our ride back.. I couldn't stop smiling.. I was enjoying our last moments with HYCC! I will never forget the past 6 weeks. I will never forget the memories. All the sweat, tears, laughs, drama, and hard work were all worth it! This has been one of the best experiences I've had and the best summer so far. Thank you HYCC for giving each and everyone of us such an amazing opportunity to work the lands of Hawai'i. I cherished every moment of it.

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