Sunday, August 9, 2009

HYCC Internship Week 5

Another week at a new place. So it's time for something new.. We worked at a dryland forest last week and now we're going to the south of Kona to work at a wetland forest called, Kona Hema.

This week, we worked with site manager Eldridge for two days and along with him were 4 college students that are working at Kona Hema for the summer. It was really cool working with them. Two of them go to Stanford, so they were really smart and knew what they were doing.

We planted 500 native species and sickled and pick axed around ferns for an experimental project that the college students were doing. We worked our muscles this, or atleast the ones that pick axed. Hey, I love my sickle!

Kona Hema has a really beautiful forest. It is filled with so much native plants and my favorite, Ohia Lehua, was everywhere! It really nice watching the stars during the night.. We got to see the Milky Way and all the Constellations! I will miss the time when I was hiding way from everyone in the forest and when me and Taylor would go out plum picking :)

We got to stay at this really cool cabin. There were two rooms, a kitchen, bathroom and restroom outside, and a really nice porch.

Ahh, even a comfy futon couch!

One room at had 6 bunk beds, which was where the boys slept in.

Then the other room with 4 bunks. The girls slept here and Ryan did too! Oh Ryan! He just loves us girls :)

Ahh, the kitchen. I think this was my favorite place in the house. I cooked two dinners in here and something very interesting happened with the fire place on the first night. Remember guys? *wink

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of us! We look so cute! We finally put good use to our rain gear. Thanks HYCC! Although, some people's tore after the first day.. It still helped. My legs weren't wet and cold. Although, my boots were still soaking wet! Thank G we had the fire place. It helped warm up our boots and it felt so good to put it on!

Kona Hema is one of my favorite forest in Kona. I really do hope to go back there and see all the plants that we planted. Maybe even check out the cave that we never got to go into! Thanks guys for putting up with us!

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