Friday, July 3, 2009

HYCC Internship Week 2

It turned out that almost everyone got sick when they got home for the weekend. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to make to my first day of work, but I sucked it up and made it for the team.

This week, we camped at Pu'u Wa'a Wa'a Sanctuary. We were at an elevation of 5000 ft. It was super cold and we slept on cots, outside the freezing cold.

We worked with NARS (Natural Area Reserves System). Our site managers Nick and Jake were awesome, they were really nice and we had lots of fun. They made us do lots of work but it was all worth it.

We planted over 1000 trees in 2 days! Most of the plants that we planted were Koa trees. When they grow big and tall, they can look as beautiful as these:
During the week, we also picked weeds and vines, such as Banana Polka and Germon Ivy, around different areas in the sanctuary and enclosures. We did lots of hiking and off roading. On one of our hikes, we saw a huge crater! Can you believe it? A crater up in the mountains? It was deep! The hike up was all worth it!

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