Saturday, July 11, 2009

HYCC Internship Week 4

It seems like the weeks go faster and faster. I can't believe it's already the 4th week. It makes me sad because it will all soon be over.

This was our last week at Pu'u Wa'a Wa'a Sanctuary. We spent our last time at the Lake House with the DOFAW team. I will never forget this place, this house and the forest. Our love touched the soils of this sanctuary and it will never be forgotten. Everytime we pass by this place, we can say, "yeah, I worked those roots".

It's called a lake house because there's a reservoir that lies in front of it

Pu'u Hill- The hill where we planted over 1000 trees

This was our home for 2 weeks. Lots of laughs, smiles, memories, card games, connect four, and singing happened in this very house. We had an awesome time. Thanks also to DOFAW for sharing their home!

This is the loft. Me and 5 of my team mates slept in here. It was the cool kids room.
This week, we were very fortunate to work at the beautiful and exquisite dryland forest of Ka'upulehu. Ka'upulehu is a 70 acre forest filled with many of Hawaii's native species. We had the opportunity to work with the site manager, Wilds Brawner. Along with Wilds, we worked with HYCC's year round intern and 2 hana hou members. The guys were really cool and they always made sure that we were hydrated.

We learned a lot about Ka'upulehu and it's history. Though when we weren't chatting, we did lots of weeding. Much of Ka'upulehu is filled with invasive species such as fountain grass and lantana. On our second day, we weeded about half an acre of Ka'upulehu's dryland forest. We were very determined to get all that fountain grass out of that section.

On our 4th day, we had the chance to work with Ho'olauna Kona 7th graders. Along with our HYCC team, we planted over 100 native species. Our week at Ka'upulehu was very fulfilling. Not many people have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in Hawaii's most beautiful lands.

Thanks Wilds and the people at Ka'upulehu for passing down your knowledge and giving us an opportunity to work with you all.

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