Friday, July 3, 2009

HYCC Internship Week 3

This week, we are once again, staying at Pu'u Wa'a Wa'a Sanctuary. Although, we moved into the Lake house with the DOFAW (Division of Forestry and Wildlife) Team. We had lots of room, people could either sleep in the living room, the master bedroom, or the loft. Me and a few of my teammates slept on the loft.

This week is only 4 days because of 4th of July weekend. Well, I would say that this week, our team came back healthier and better! We all got over the colds that we had and have much more positive attitudes.

This week, we worked with DLNR (Dept. of Land and Natural Resources) and our site manager, Mike, had us do a lot of weed picking. You have no idea how much I hate Banana Polka, Germon Ivy, and Fountain Grass! We all hate it so much! There's just so much of it, it drives you nuts after picking it for 8 hours a day!

Well, when we're not weed picking, we spend a lot of time fixing and cleaning the lake house. It is a really nice house but it needs lots of work. It's been standing since the 1970s (I think) or earlier. Also, we always tend to go to the beach once a week.

Here we are at Ay Bay

Meet our beautiful mascot! Nakita :)

We always do something adventurous every week and this week, we checked out an underground cave! It was cold underneath and super dark. We saw and learned about the different bones that were in there.

The hole to go into the cave:

Here are a few bones and interesting things we saw:

Pig Bones

Bird Bones

Cow skull

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