Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm pregnant!

Well, not literally. In my health class, we have a project on "Teen Pregnancy" where we have to bring a 5lb-10lb sack of either rice, flour, or sugar/salt. We have to dress it up, change it's diapers, and carry it with us at all times during school hours until after school. The project lasts for 4 days, I'm already on the 3rd day. It gets pretty tiring.. Holding it in your arms during class, when you write, eat, and everything!

Though, an accident happened on the first day. During lunch, everyone was so fascinated by the baby (a sack of rice) because I was the only one in Mr. T's class that has Sir Punz's class. So everyone is trying to grab the baby out of my arms, which gets very tiring because I've held the baby the entire day and my arms are getting weak. My cousin, Michelle was one of the people that wanted to hold her. I trusted her, so I handed it to her. She as like, "come here my niece".. Then she begins throwing her up the air. She throws her up twice and catches her then she was all like, "one more time".. And unfortunately, the 3rd time was a failure. The sack of rice falls down onto the ground, tears, and rice is splattered all over the floor. I stood up with shook and Michelle looks at me with her eyes wide open. Everyone in the class looked at the rice and few seconds later.. Michelle asks Oscar to get a broom, to sweep it up.

Well, what really sucked about it was that.. There were spies inside Mr. T's class, Sir Punz's spies, which are seniors and a couple of them saw exactly what happen. One of them was Sir Punz's Godson and I knew I was in big trouble. All my friends kept calling out my name, saying "Lania Mylene, what kind of mother!" Just to remind you, it was my cousin that dropped her. I wasn't at all mad at her, it's just too hard. I could say that I blame her but it was my fault that I gave it to her in the first place. Though, it was hard because they all kept pressuring me to give them my baby.

The next day, my cousin gives me a new sack of rice, the same kind. I wanted to continue the project even though the first one broke. I know that in real life that, I can't replace a baby nor get a new one but I felt that it was necessary for me to go on with it. Well go figure, EVERYONE knew about what happened. You can't imagine how crappy I felt that day. I literally wanted to break down because of all the harsh things they had to say about me being a HORRIBLE mother. That was the first time I was afraid to walk down the halls because I didn't want to hear what they had to say.

During 1st period in Sir Punz's class, everyone was saying to me, "Hey Mylene, I heard your baby died yesterday", just imagine how you would feel when someone asks you that. Yeah, and Sir Punz didn't even call my baby's name for attendance. He hasn't for the last 2 days. It sucks, it really sucks a lot. I mean, doesn't anyone have any sympathy? They don't know what I was going through. They made me feel like I literally killed a real baby and it was exactly how I felt. Sir Punz has told all his classes about what happened but he didn't mentioned my name, only to the basketball team. So imagine that? I'm friends with most of those guys and do you know how humiliating that is?!

This is effecting me a lot because I want to be a mother some day in the future and I don't want to be mistreated that way, ever!

So, today is the 3rd day. Sir Punz still hasn't called my baby's name for attendance. I've been very careful with the new sack of rice/baby that I have now. BUT, I don't think it's really worth it. Sir Punz has told all his classes already that he is going to give me "A BIG FAT F".. on the project! We are probably only going to have 2 or 3 projects for his class, so this grade means a lot. 3rd day and I still feel like crap. I feel so miserable!

By the way, if anyone was wondering.. My first baby's name is Haley and my second is Michelle but I can't change her name so it's still Haley.

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