Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm not a failure :)

I have an A/B for my "Teen Pregnancy" Project. I talked to Sir Punz (well, he did most of the talking). He told me that he knows exactly what happen and he thought about it... He decided to give me a 150/200, so like a 75%.

He said that however brings their baby the next day, which was today, they will get extra points. I brought mine and I think I got a higher grade than a 75. I'm relieved! I thought I was going to fail that project and my grade for the class. Can you believe out of all my classes, the lowest grade I have is for P.E. Health.

It's weird because last semester, I took Computer Applications and I thought, everyone thought that was an easy class but it turned out that my lowest grade was from that class. It's like the classes that are known to be easy, I'm actually bad at, and as for classes that are known to be hard, I'm good at. Weird >.<

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