Friday, January 18, 2008

What would you tell your friend?

Have you ever felt like you were pure, like everything is so perfectly imperfect? It's like everything in your life was as good as it can get. Now it turns out, when you feel like everything is going smoothly, something just happens to mess things up. It's true, there's no such thing as being perfect.

Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world, that you had the best friends you could ever dream of? But what do you do when someone from your past creeps back into your future and tries to destroy everything that you gained, everything you had worked for, and everything that made your life perfectly imperfect.. What would you do when that person tries so hard to break you down in every way. They won't stop until you're down on your knees, scattered, and vulnerable..

You try so hard to keep that person out of your life but they just tend to keep jumping in, with no verbal actions, but like a shadow going through your every move. What if that person is trying to take your friends away from you? Like a game, the most friends, Wins.

What would you tell your friend if that person was just trying to be their friend for all the wrong reasons. Would it be wrong to tell your friend that that person is bad and that they had hurt so many people? How about if your friend might think that, you are the bad person and that you are keeping them away from being friends with someone.

You continue to ignore that person and yet every time you glance at that person, they just always seem to be staring right at you. Looking at you, to see if you were watching their every move, just like what they were doing to you.

It just so happens that you were casually minding your own business and that person was with one of your friend, really really good friend and you noticed that that person was staring at you and right when they thought that you noticed.. That person pulls some kind of stunt, to rub it in your face, that they want to be dominant. That you were nothing and that they would take everything that was left in you.

As strong as you may be.. It is definitely hurting you inside. You are not scared of her, you would fight with her.. But you are a better person, you know you are. Would it be wise to do nothing? To beat her at her own game? As much as it hurts, you will stay strong.

How could someone be so cruel enough to do that to someone who is simply doing nothing to them? When all you were trying to do, is protect their friend..

This is a time where you will discover who your real and true friends are.. The ones that will stick by you when you're a thousand miles away...

Now tell me, what would you tell your friend?


the un cheesy Bree said...

you know who you are which is not common among girls your age. just remember, those that try to bring you down do it out of insecurity and jealousy. and your friend who is caught up in the drama will have to figure it out for themselves. you can warn them, but the choice is theirs. just remember you'll be long gone in june if all goes well. and at some point it might benefit the not so friendly friend to confront her point blank.


Thanks Bree!

I wish you were still here!
I've got loads to tell you.

mr. f said...

As difficult as it may be, patience is usually the proper course of action. In the long run, the truth gets sorted out and those that matter to you will understand as well.

Probably the worst thing you can do is show her she is getting to you, and for you, do not spend much energy or thought on her; focus on you and your goals. Hope you're doing great

Jeff said...

If Arnold is your brother, talk to him. He's a wise, young man.


Thanks, Daddy J. I miss you!

How do you know my brother, Mr. Turbitt?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Welcome to growing up.

Yeah, Jeff, how do you know her brother?

Jeff said...

He was my student five years ago, and one of my favorites.

Jeff said...

He was also quoted in the New York Times in a piece about Saipan a while back.

Anonymous said...

this is the best situation to be in when one wants to single out their allies and foes. you can check me on the "friends i dont have to worry about because she will always be there list."