Friday, January 11, 2008

Sleepy My

Whew! That was some week. School has been keeping me busy, a lot. I didn't have time to go online this week because I had so much homework and quizzes to study for. I think it might be like that for a while.. I need to focus on school right now and going online is a little distracting. I'll be giving updates every once and a while. But don't worry, I'll be okay!

1st Period: P.E. Health with Sir Punz is different. He puts fun in learning. He is sarcastic, jolly, playful and loud. He's the boss and he wants us to know that. Sometimes you really can't take him seriously but when it comes to a subject about health, he wants us to learn it and he makes it clear that he does. The first quarter in his class are book work, every Friday's are mile runs, and the 2nd quarter are sport activities!

2nd Period: Algebra 1 is still the same but with a lot more love. My classmates get along well and we've grown to help each other with our work, even Mrs. A. G.

3rd Period: US History with Mr. Hill is cool. He's really smart, really organized, and Wayne says he's cute! Haha. Sure, I guess he is but it's the subject that we should be interested in, not the teacher. For one, I used to like history but now I like science more. I think I'll find it a little difficult to learn in this class, I don't know, but history just isn't my best subject.

4th Period: English Pre Honors is still the same. The class has grown and we now have about 35 students in class! I like all of them but putting all those people in one class is a pain. Mr. Muira says that some of us will be transferring. Well, I sure don't want to be one of them. Sometimes I think that the class got less noise but I don't know, I guess people changed over the break. I'm looking forward to this semester, being with them, they are the only class I would call 'family'.

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