Monday, January 21, 2008

Scores from last semester!

I got my report card from last semester.. I'm not sure if I should be happy about it. I went down, went higher, and stayed the same.

Here are my grades from 1st quarter to 2nd quarter:

Computer Apps.: 96% - 92%
Algebra 1: 93% - 93%
Biology: 94% - 97%
Eng. 9 Pre Honors: 96% - 96%

Proud of me? Haha. Now, watch me bring it this semester! Haha. You'll be REALLY proud of me. [yeah, whatever.]


Friday, January 18, 2008

What would you tell your friend?

Have you ever felt like you were pure, like everything is so perfectly imperfect? It's like everything in your life was as good as it can get. Now it turns out, when you feel like everything is going smoothly, something just happens to mess things up. It's true, there's no such thing as being perfect.

Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world, that you had the best friends you could ever dream of? But what do you do when someone from your past creeps back into your future and tries to destroy everything that you gained, everything you had worked for, and everything that made your life perfectly imperfect.. What would you do when that person tries so hard to break you down in every way. They won't stop until you're down on your knees, scattered, and vulnerable..

You try so hard to keep that person out of your life but they just tend to keep jumping in, with no verbal actions, but like a shadow going through your every move. What if that person is trying to take your friends away from you? Like a game, the most friends, Wins.

What would you tell your friend if that person was just trying to be their friend for all the wrong reasons. Would it be wrong to tell your friend that that person is bad and that they had hurt so many people? How about if your friend might think that, you are the bad person and that you are keeping them away from being friends with someone.

You continue to ignore that person and yet every time you glance at that person, they just always seem to be staring right at you. Looking at you, to see if you were watching their every move, just like what they were doing to you.

It just so happens that you were casually minding your own business and that person was with one of your friend, really really good friend and you noticed that that person was staring at you and right when they thought that you noticed.. That person pulls some kind of stunt, to rub it in your face, that they want to be dominant. That you were nothing and that they would take everything that was left in you.

As strong as you may be.. It is definitely hurting you inside. You are not scared of her, you would fight with her.. But you are a better person, you know you are. Would it be wise to do nothing? To beat her at her own game? As much as it hurts, you will stay strong.

How could someone be so cruel enough to do that to someone who is simply doing nothing to them? When all you were trying to do, is protect their friend..

This is a time where you will discover who your real and true friends are.. The ones that will stick by you when you're a thousand miles away...

Now tell me, what would you tell your friend?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sleepy My

Whew! That was some week. School has been keeping me busy, a lot. I didn't have time to go online this week because I had so much homework and quizzes to study for. I think it might be like that for a while.. I need to focus on school right now and going online is a little distracting. I'll be giving updates every once and a while. But don't worry, I'll be okay!

1st Period: P.E. Health with Sir Punz is different. He puts fun in learning. He is sarcastic, jolly, playful and loud. He's the boss and he wants us to know that. Sometimes you really can't take him seriously but when it comes to a subject about health, he wants us to learn it and he makes it clear that he does. The first quarter in his class are book work, every Friday's are mile runs, and the 2nd quarter are sport activities!

2nd Period: Algebra 1 is still the same but with a lot more love. My classmates get along well and we've grown to help each other with our work, even Mrs. A. G.

3rd Period: US History with Mr. Hill is cool. He's really smart, really organized, and Wayne says he's cute! Haha. Sure, I guess he is but it's the subject that we should be interested in, not the teacher. For one, I used to like history but now I like science more. I think I'll find it a little difficult to learn in this class, I don't know, but history just isn't my best subject.

4th Period: English Pre Honors is still the same. The class has grown and we now have about 35 students in class! I like all of them but putting all those people in one class is a pain. Mr. Muira says that some of us will be transferring. Well, I sure don't want to be one of them. Sometimes I think that the class got less noise but I don't know, I guess people changed over the break. I'm looking forward to this semester, being with them, they are the only class I would call 'family'.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I guess I have something to look forward to every moring..

I got my schedule today at school. Well, I for one chose my classes. I mean, my counselor is Ms. Jocelyn Manibusan.. aka My Mommy! I told her that I'm planning on moving to Hawaii this summer and I wanted to take classes that were helpful to me and classes that are required in Hawaii. See, I'm thinking! Lol. Well, these are the classes that I thought are good for me:

1st: P.E. Health
2nd: Algebra 1
3rd: US History
4th: English 9 Pre Honors

Once again, I'm taking a class that is the 2nd in the list. [hmm, it's hard to explain]. Well like last semester, I took Biology.. Well before Biology, I'm suppose to take Natural Environmental Science. I like science but I think that I should even it out in this semester and take a history class. Well, before US History, there is NMI History.. Hmm, yeah right! I learned about NMI History in the 8th grade and plus, it's not a required class in Hawaii. And my cousin in Hawaii told me that I have to take Hawaii History [okay :/].

I guess I'm happy with my classes, though I'm telling my friends to change their classes so that we could be classmates. Hmm, this semester might be my last one here and I want to spend as much time with my friends, even if it means being classmates and getting sick of each other [Right Jessica?].

Tomorrow's school.. Am I up for it? No, not really. I don't want to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning! Well alright, I'll tell you how it was tomorrow :)

Back to Basics

It was fun while lasted.. Break is almost over. In less than 20 hours, I will be back to books, clubs, friends, and endless hours of lecture! This bites-- no more late night phone calls, staying up until the sun came up, sleeping in, and other fun stuff I do at night. I'm going to miss going out all night and sleeping all day!

Well I guess this lazy ass has to stop being such a cow! I need to exercise more, I'm getting unhealthy. Watch me be a workaholic, if that is possible.

So who thinks I can lose about 10lbs in the next few months? Haha. This is going to be a challenge, the last time I had P.E., was in the 7th grade.