Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Goodbye

I had an oral exam to do for my English class. We could either write a poem or read any kind of poem in front of the whole class with "emotion". We had to "feel/act" the poem.

As you know, I write poems, well I used to. I stopped a few months ago and I think the poem that I wrote brought our so much emotion. I wrote about my possibilities of leaving next year and how I felt about it. I hope you like it as much as my 4th period pre honors class did (:

My Goodbye

As the year comes to an end
I stand here with my head up high,
I know that I'm one step closer
To my good byes

I've gone through so much
That it will be hard to let go,
Of what really matters
And now I'm not sure,
If I really want to go

My friends are like my world
They stuck by me like glue
Even through the rough times,
They were there too

Then I though,
How am I to leave such happiness behind?
I know when I'm gone
I'll be shedding tears,
All night long

My family is my rock
No matter the conflict
I know that they will always be there

I've always said,
When it comes done to this
With no hesitations nor doubts,
They will always be
My number one priority

I'm taking everyday one step at a time
With no regrets, no drama,
And especially no sorrow

I don't want to make it
Harder than it really is..
So please help me
For the next semester will fly by fast
I need to make the next few months,
Worth Wild,

For they might be my last...

Sad? Yeah, I thought so too. I started crying even before I started reading it. I backed away 3 times when I stepped in front of my class. I'm used to talking in front of them but this one was hard. It was hard to tell them, they are like my family. No matter how loud they get, I still love them.

When I finally read it, I became so shakey and when it came to the parts where I was talking about my friends, it took me a while to get it out. I know it's going to be hard leaving everyone, especially the place i called call for the past 14 years but I want to move, it's for the better (:

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