Sunday, December 9, 2007

I have a nice brother, I guess.

My oldest brother felt generous today and decided to treat me and our friends to P.I.C. It was suppose to be just a family thing with him, my other brother, and I. BUT things got messed up. SO my other brother went to the beach with his friends. When he dropped him, he called me and asked if I still wanted to go. My dad was leaving to work, so I didn't want to be alone. He asked me if I wanted to bring a friend, the first person I thought of bringing was Rachelle, one of my really good friends, aka TWIN KRUNG.

So it was double-double. I brought Rachelle and he brought Arnold aka Avila. It became a war, Krung Vs. Arnolds. It was funny how both of their names were Arnold. Lol.

Ahh! Yeah, my brother is kind. He's only an ass sometimes but I guess that's how brothers are sometimes. Though, I still dislike my youngest brother. BUT oh how I miss my brother at Guam!

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