Monday, November 5, 2007

Dance the night away..

NHS hosted the bingest bash ever! It was pretty awesome. The Halloween Dance was pretty cool. Everyone was dancing! The competitions were amazing! The crowd was great!

When you are in the south, you gotta prepare. We have a lot of love for our people. Cheers to Reinhold, who was brave enough to step up the plates. King, we bow down to you! Way to go to represent the freshmen and the bumba crew! Ballin' he won $15 for C-walking! Beating 'em juniors and seniors!

My lovely cousin, Michelle who the best costume! She was a green fairy? Hah. Her make-up was a bit over done and her dress was gorgeous. The wings made it have a great touch! Love you cuz!

All went well except for one little thing! I lost my pendent from Keisha! I'm sorry! I wore it to the dance and it was no more! I was so sad, I even asked the people from NHS to try and find it, but no luck! GONE.

If anyone who might have found that pendent. Please return, which I have no luck in finding. It's a playboy pendent filled with diamonds. Sorry Kaykay!

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