Saturday, November 24, 2007

Madi rocks my Socks!

What socks? I don't wear shoes! Lol.

Madisa and I are still the best of friends! We spent Thanksgiving together! We went to the movies together! We also spent a whole night together, stolling around with our buddy Tony and spending a night at her place (:

Whoa, now I'm grounded! Lol.

No worries! My parents think I'm rolling around with a boy, so they grounded me. I'm actually fine with that. I need to stay home, save up my cash, and plan for Christmas!

The thought of Christmas makes me happy and yet also sad!

Happy: Because it has yet been an awesome year! This has been my best year by far (:
Sad: Because it's my last Christmas on the island! In a few months, I'll be gone :(

Aww, let's save the tears for later.. I'm going to have a blast in the next few months! Love you guys!

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