Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kaibigan 3

Karaoke Night (:

Another night at Cindy's house. We decided to make it much much more fun with the karaoke set! First we started of talking, gossiping, watching the tv, eating, and going online with the desktop and laptop.

You LIKEY my foot?

There was a bunch of us that nigh. Rachelle, Cindy, Wayne, Christine, Michelle, Alex, Raissa, and I. All Filipino (:

Well well, when Rachelle and I got to the desktop, we were trippin on the camera. Look at these cool pictures!

Twin Krung!
We're stuck together whether we like it or not! Lol
Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

After messing around, we all went into the room and watched Fantastic Four. Some were online and some were text addicts! Lol. Okay, time to sing!!

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for two song! Then my brother came to pick me up.
Aww, like what wayne said "I was M.I.A. [Missing In Action]" Referring to me.
We just took quick pics before I left! Aww, I know they missed me! Eh.

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