Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kaibigan 2

Whether you are famous or not, we don't quite care. If we're together, nothing else really matters. My friends and I went to the Martin Nievera with our families then we all met up, then DITCHED :). No offense to Martin, I mean.. He's a great singer and all but there was just so many people there! I just couldn't bare to stay there.

I can't see him in this picture.
Well at one point of the night, we desperately tried to take pictures of him. But unfortunately, we are all so short! ..and people wouldn't give us room to go to the front! Sorry ah! Just 'cause we not V.I.P. Lol

So we took Cindy's car, went to Mc Donald's then went back to Memorial. We just kept on taking pictures, from one camera to the other. Everyone wanted to be in EVERY picture. If only you could see all the pictures! We were such camera whores that night! Hah.

Poor Cindy! Lol
Smile (:

That night was not just fun & games. We also got crept out, not because it was dark but we felt chills, like ghost were around us. Then Alyssa Cadiang told us that when she was there the night before, she saw a little girl there.. Just walking, wearing all white, she glanced at something else, then look back and she was gone. She made us pretty scared that night! GOSH. Lol

Click on the picture to enlarge. Look closely, now do you see a ghostly figure next to wayne? It looks like a soldier and he's holding something, maybe a gun. Idk, but this picture freaked us out!

For the rest of the night, we went to Hyatt. Took tons of pictures! Doing this and doing that! We were acting like fools but we don't care, we had so much fun! (:

Who will be the next Ms. Teen Marianas?

Oh such idiots! They think they can jump high! Ehh. Kidding!

Pinay Islanders, born and raised in Saipan!
I like how I can be totally myself around them and they accept me for who i am! ..and the fact that they are all Filipinos are a GREAT PLUS in my book (:

When we were at Hyatt. We went to that circle thing. Lol. Well, we were just sitting, laying around, and telling scary stories. When suddenly! The lights turns off! We all ran.. Everyone just wanted to get away, QUICK! Wayne punched me in the eye with his elbow and heck, I just kept on running! We were just freaking out! It was so odd, we were telling stories about lights flickering and then all of a sudden it happens. Wow! We were crept out for a few days. It was just not explainable! What could we have thought? We're just teens tryna have fun!

I went home first, I'm not quite sure what happened to those guys but they said that they were still crept out and some more scary things happened to them. Aidai!

Wow. We all fit in the picture!

Good Night (:

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