Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm back!

Woops, sorry guys.. I know I haven't been posting in a really LONG time. I'll make up for my losses. Well, as you can tell.. I've been really busy. Every week there's always something to look up for and there's never enough time for me to actually sit down and put out all my thoughts about the day.

So here are just a couple of news from the Manta Rays in Saipan Southern.

The officers are beginning to feel a lot and lot of pressure. There's always something wrong, one thing after the other. It started out with the shirts, they made promises and yet they were broken. People were beginning to get frustrated. They've started to put us down and we thought, they it's not really our fault, it's the companies.

One thing led to the other and everything turned out okay. An exciting news for the freshmen is definitely the banner. I posted the designs on one of my last post and that's exactly how it turned out, except that it was blurry.

Ya Dig?

When it was all set and done.. We begin to plan on our big blowout! We became more dedicated with our work and got things done at the right time.

Thanks for everyone's help.. We had a successful first luncheon! I'm not sure on how much we made, but we were sold out! ..and needed extras but was all out! Lol. Thanks to the peeps that made it all happen! We're doing great!

By the way, I left my pants at the luncheon. Anyone might took it? Return please!

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