Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Halloween!

My day started out super late.. Right when I got to school with my arms filled with bags, the bell rang. No time to chat, straight to 1st.

It was like a free day for us.. 1st & 2nd period was basically nothing. We watched The Invisible and Transformers! Yay. During break, we had our last practice for the dance. All went well. As for 3rd, I had big test for Biology. EVERYONE kind of need bad. Well like what Mr. Castro said "this has been the worst from my whole teaching career." Although our class was the highest again, we still had low grades. I had a 76%. I'm sorry! DANG! I studied for that test, but ya know.. the questions were kind of tough! I don't blame him.

Here comes the pep rally. We were all nervous till the last minute. I was freakin out when we were lining up to dance! UGH. I got distracted by this Junior that I dislike. He yelled my name while I was dancing, I looked, then I thought I was off step and went too fast! It was so obvious & was caught on tape. Damn you boy!!

BUT, the freshmen sure did have a blow out come back. We had a solid dance and a solid banner. We so beat the rest now :). Ehh.. I'm kidding! Though, everyone was so surprise by our come back! Well done!
Now you be the judge of the banners. :)
Pretty Awesome Right?

Alright, so for this pep rally our mascot was Chuukie, though.. we added the bride :). Woops, I only have a picture of the Chuukie. Now doesn't he look like the real thing? Props to me for the make up =). Leander played a great Chuukie, everyone knows him as the short funny dude! C'mon, just look at him! Lol. He's a great sport!

Now did you think that the banner & the dance was the only thing we had a major blow on? Well guess what!! We won 2 out of the 3 games during pep rally. Pretty cool, I know. The first one was the mummy wrapping contest and the egg throw contest! Though, by the time it was the 3rd contest.. Eww, It was a disgusting challenge. Food eating contest, I don't know what was in that thing but there was like pig heart? and some other gross things! Though, the juniors wanted the freshmen to win that one. Hey! We just being fresh as we are :)

We're pretty awesome, I know :)

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

Oh, now there's me :)

Joshua, playing dress up with my wings & halo.

Aw, remember her guys? Ms. Sali =). I love this girl. She's the sweetest girl ever! Best Buds!

Oh, school was great :)

For my Halloween night, I went down to the Youth Center at Koblerville. I Checked out S.a.v.e. Clubs beautiful works! The haunted house turned out great :)

Next, a bunch of my friends and I went to P.I.C. for their haunted house. After waiting in a long line, we finally got in. I don't know but I don't really find things scary when they're played out like that. I wasn't scared at all. Though, I found their work being professional, I guess? Their haunted house was okay. Too much screaming though.

Jessica & I.
We can never seem to get a nice picture together!
Oh well, here I am looking stoned.

So we ended the night at dinner. We went to Shirley's first, but we thought that it just wasn't our style.. So we drove up to Mc Donald's. Yummy! It has been a while since I ate fast food.

Hah. My Halloween went well. Though, I wanted to go Trick O Treating! I wanted candy! Lots of it! Oh well, it's okay :). I'm a big kid now! Lol.

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