Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last week Wednesday we had Chigasaki Day with Saipan Southern High's sister school, Chigasaki High School from Chigasaki, Kanagawa. Check out the Chigasaki website!

At first, the thought about Chigasaki was so exhilarating to all of us, especially to the Freshmen class. In the beginning, we had to worry about pep rally. Then we come back to school and we attend a STUCO meeting and find out that we only have a few days to get ready for Chigasaki. We had 3 days of no school ahead of us and none of the Freshmen knew about our plans with Chigasaki. We come back from those 3 days.. All stressed out, going all over the place, planning meetings, making arrangements, doing thing, and doing that! It was so hectic! I was SUPER WOMAN for a week! Then when the day had come! We were all freaking out! We had to take care of the food, the tables, the tents, and the arrival of the Chigasaki students!

It had turned out that EVERYONE in the Freshmen class had cooperated with our plans, it was a great success. We had so much food, a cooler filled with 6 cases of BBQ chicken/ribs, a whole cart stacked of drinks. It was like WOW! We looked like we were ready to serve the WHOLE school.

Oh that day was such a blur. Everything went well though, except for the fact that the rain just kept pouring towards the end of the ceremony. We didn't even get to perform =(. We really wanted to though.

Here are some pictures:

Wow! Here they come..

Pshh.. Michio! Wanna be.. Lol

Eat some grub guys! Oishi!

The Cheerleaders had a great show for us!
They were spelling SAIPAN in this picture, see the "P"?

Melanie and I were trippin on the Japanese Guys that were sitting next to us during the performances. She made a quick easy boyfriend. You see that dude leaning on me? Yeah, he wanted to be mine.. but I politely said "no, no, no".. sorry honey!

See the guy in white? Now, that's Melanie's mate (:
He's pretty cute. Lol

Let me present to you.. "D.A.M." Well in this picture, it's "M.A.D."
SEE?: Mylene, Anne, & Donna.. Then backwards =)

Hah. Don't worry, there are always time for my HOES =)
Wayne, me, & Rachelle.. +PLUS+ Cindy [who took the picture]

Anne, Rayray, & Melanie


There they go with the famous Peace sign (:

Since I couldn't find that one dude that was wearing a white polo with tiny pink strips, that had said "HI" to me earlier that day & waved this hand right in front of my face, the one that I had said "Hey, we talk later k?" and smiled.. Anne, Kathleen, & I went out looking for hot Japanese boys :). Sadly, I did not find my admire (eh). Though, we sure did find a TONS load of hot guys!

We found my admire for the very last time! Lol

Look at all those guys!!

They are so tall!

Ohhhh! The one in black is super cute! :)

Aww, the dude in black is another cutie!
I have a secret about him! Lol

There's more:

Our last goodbyes to Melanie's boyfriend & his friends (:
One of those dudes gave me their fan.. I forget who. Lol. But THANK YOU =)

Cindy, Rachelle, & I went to check out the advance band & couple of Chigasaki students rehearse for the ceremony.

SSHS's favorite Japanese student--Michio!

The advance band class played two pieces for us. One that I will ways remember is: "Tila"

Do your thing Trumpet players!

Goodbye everyone :(

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