Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Cindy!

...i was free for one night! finally. Cindy had a 14th birthday party/sleepover at Aquarius on Friday, Oct. 12.. My parents let me sleep there and wow! it was a hell of a night. So many things happen, some unexpected surprises and well, just plain craziness!

Re-lightable candles :)

Cindy's cousin made this drawing that says Happy Birthday on butcher paper and oil pastel. This is so creative!

Ken came by.. we talked for an hour and good boy had to go out to dinner with his parents.

I met new people, acted myself, and gained new friends :). Some lame people decided to crash the party. Those dumb boys were playing strip poker. Don't worry, I don't think anything got that far.. Or idk, I wasn't there with them.

Some dudes were grappling from one room to the other, doing back flips on the bed, TEXTING, or just laying back and watching a movie on the wall from the projector. Now don't freak, no one was drinking.. But I think those 18 year old dudes were out in the balcony smoking cigarettes.. I stayed away, my lungs hate smoke.

Crazy people! They had time to take a picture huh?!
Oh this wasn't the grappling, the guys were sweaty and all red with no shirt on. It was scary to watch!
Hey! Why wasn't I in this picture?!
Ahh.. 'the balloon', mostly all the guys had that thing between their legs. Ew.
Manuel a.k.a. Bougz and I
Junjun Del Rosario. Anyone wanna hook this guy up with a job? He's a senior in needs of a job.

Once again, Happy Birthday Cindy Acera!

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