Saturday, October 6, 2007

1st Quarter flew by so fast..

I think back at my last day of summer. I thought of how nervous I was for a new world in high school. It wasn't bad. There wasn't anything that I didn't expect. I'm so happy I get to spot with my friends from higher grades, meeting new friends, and having an awesome time! High school is fun. Though, it's not all fun. Finals are next week. I've got to study really hard on Computer Applications and Biology. Computer, believe me! Is quite difficult. You try knowing everything about a program in 3 days! As for Biology, I love biology! Oh my! I can't believe I said that. Lol. But, my class is really cool. They're smart and I really learn a lot in that class. I don't think I'll get a low grade for that class, I pretty much know all that's in the study guide. I've just gotta review them! Computer Apps. is a killer though! I think I'm going to get my first C in my report card (knock on wood).

More news.. As you know, it's the month of October.. So STUCO decided that, every class has to make a haunted hallway. All classes has a hallway that they have to decorate. No one has started decorating, but I'm pretty sure that they're planning on going to school in the weekend to do it. Judging day is this Tuesday. The main goal, is to make your hallway scary, spooky, rain resistant, and it must last throughout the month of October, until Halloween. Scores will be added to spirit week contest then with the pep rally on Halloween. Freshmen character for Halloween is Chuckie... and his bride!

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