Monday, September 17, 2007

My life. My goals. My accomplishments.

1st Period: Mrs. Torres: Computer Apps.

Who am I? What is/are my goals? How will I reach my goal(s)? What will it take to succeed?

I am Mylene Marie Balisalisa, a freshman at SSHS. I would say that I am outgoing yet unpredictable. I understand myself best amongst anyone else and I absolutely hate when people act like they do. I have set many goals for myself, in the long and short term goal. My short term goals as of now, is to work hard in all my classes, get straight As, and better myself for the next year to come; when I head to Hawaii to finish my high school years. As for my long term goals, I plan on going to college and major on something I like and am good at, such as: education, psychology, business, and/or something that relates to the environment. A few of my special goals in the future, are to experience prom at SSHS before I leave and to have a good paying job that I like with a loving, helpful, and supportive husband and kids.

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Joseph said...

Happy belated birthday! I miss you too and check your blog often to see how you are doing. Of course, you are doing great. My thanks for being such a great student and person. Did you see my comments before? Take care, I'll be checking in on your life as long as you have your blog.

Mr. F