Friday, September 21, 2007

I've got proof!

Oh, I was too ashame to post this up at first, but heck. to prove that I actually look good at dancing but was just too fast with my moves. Here is a picture of an obvious mistake I made:

Well, as you see.. everyone is going to the right, while i was going to the left. I was a bit too fast and I moved my hands to the left. If you can see, there's someone next to me with their hands down. That's Jove. She didn't know what to do, I think I confused her when I put my hands to the left! Oops, sorry!

LOOK! Isn't so darn cute! Each class had a character for pep rally. Ours, obviously was Rugrats. Look at Coquina (President of Freshmen Class) dressed as Kimi Finster (Chuckies sister). Next to her is the Sophomore president in a cardboard box of Spongebob Squarepants. Next to her, are the Juniors. They are the Chimp Munks, there you see, Charita, Audry, and Nathan. Then lastly, representing the Seniors is Suzzy, as Dora from Dora the Explorer.

One of the games we played was, apple in a sock. You must hit an eraser box using the apple in the sock and get it to the other end of the line. There in blue, is Pedro, representing the Freshmen, Red is Senior, Khaki polo is Junior, and Jesse Ogo in black representing the Sophomores. This was a disturbing game for some people. I was at the direction they were going, sitting on the road, right where Jesse was going. He almost it me with the eraser box.

For this game, it was 1st Senior, 2nd Junior, 3rd Sophomore, and 4th Freshmen. Pedro quit after moving the eraser box a good 3 feet. Thanks Pedro!

I had more pictures but they are in my computer in my Computer Applications Class. I'll most the rest later.

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