Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm tired.

I had a busy week. Going to classes, practicing for pep rally during lunch, practicing after school, studying for my test, finishing my essay. It was none stop! I didn't have time to spot with my friends, when I go online, I'm typing up my paper, then editing it. Man, I studied my butt of for my Biology test. The test seemed easy, but I won't find out what I got until next week. I better get a B or higher, because if I don't! I'm going to be very disappointed at myself.

Anyway, Friday ended with our first pep rally of the school year. Seniors had about 30 dancers, Juniors had 12, Sophomores had 15, and Freshmen had 9 then 8. During the beginning of our dance, one of our dancers stepped out. It caused us a huge deduction to our dance, but hey! They said we did good. I would say that, I was "okay". I missed 2 or 3 steps, but that was only because they changed it last minute. Then I guess, I was soo nervous, that I was dancing a little bit too fast sometimes. It was really fun. I think I lost my voice after laughing about all the games.

I think the Freshmen will do well on our next pep rally. This time, I'm gona practice the dance real well and hopefully, not get any mistakes! :)

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