Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend IV

I think I'm a bit late with this post.

August 19, 2007

I don't know who's birthday was on this day but then we celebrated two :)
Cinta & Litcelle

Around 11am, I followed Bree, Doug, and Litcelle to the airport field for Cinta's birthday! A few people were there but the birthday celebrate wasn't there yet. When she got there, it was fun time :). Litcelle, Doug, and I played frisbee. Angelo and a few other boys that I don't know were playing baseball (more like: Angelo bat and you fetch!). We gathered around and talked about school and stuff I've forgotten. Angelo payed Litcelle $10 to massage his back and aching leg. It was worth it huh, Angelo?

I had a fun time. It was really relaxing, breezey, and fun. I also got to exercise! I'm still good at catching a hard baseball and throwing it! Cool, I miss the days when I used to be in a softball team in elementary. But I feel like, I've gotten a bit girly :|

Next, Bree, Doug, Litcelle, and I went to the Grotto. It was Litcelle and I's first time. There was more than 100 steps to walk to get down and up to the Grotto.

I had a blast, though I still have some scratches from washing up against the rocks. It was pretty narly but heck, it was worth it! I'm planning on going there again with my friends.

After Grotto.. We went to dinner at Tony Romas, to celebrate Litcelle's birthday. Cinta was suppose to join us but she had to be with her relatives at the moment. So it was just--Litcelle, Doug, Mr. Uhl, Angelo, EJ, and I. We ate yummy food :). Litcelle got $10 from Mr.Uhl. Angelo gave her a pink fluffy hat and a rubber chicken. The whole highlight, darn that was funny! Angelo where the pix at?

Anyway, over all.. This whole day was a great experience and a day won't ever forget. I love you Cinta & Litcelle :)

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