Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend III

August 18, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO: Samantha B.B. and Nicole Reyes !

Once again, I went out with my friends without telling anyone :)

I went out with: Jessica, Elizabeth, Miso, and KEISHA!
I seriously have missed Keisha! It sucks that she's at KHS.

Anyway, us girls went to: Mc Donald's, Fashion Outlet, Morning Glory, Fresh Market, Payless, Roshi's, SM, Dolphines, San Jose, and Price Costco.

What an Awesome DAY! ...and guess WHAT? When I got home, my dad called from work and asked where was I. Haha, don't worry. I didn't lie. I told him and he was like "why didn't you tell me you were going out when I asked you". Haha. I said, 'cause it's more fun to take risk when involves getting in trouble :P

Here are some pix:

...We were bored, ALRIGHT! =P

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Joseph said...

Congratulations on the'll make a great rep. Great blog and pics. Glad you're having fun and doing well in school; what else would anyone expect? You're one of a kind--hope you're doing great.