Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend II

August 17, 2007


For this very interesting day.. I decided to go out with my cousin, Michelle, Cindy, and Wayne. I went out with them without asking or telling my parents. TRICKS! Well it's a really long story. So here's a list of places that we went (in order):

Java Joes
Mirco Beach
Friend's house at San Antonio
Mc Donald's Garapan
Friend's house at Koblerville
Koblerville basketball court
Back home..

One thing I can say about it is, WASTING GAS! Anyway, at the end of the trip.. The group became bigger.. There was: Michelle, Cindy, Wayne, Jay, Rachelle, Raissa, and I. NO CODY! :( I miss him! (It's a dog guys!).

I'll post the pictures in another post.

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CNMI Blogger said...

MyMy! You have been a very busy bee posting birthday wishes for me and others. You know what? You're the best!!! Thanks for your thoughtfulness.
I LOVE YOU! Now come picnic with me tomorrow (Sunday)! Check your e-mail for details.