Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I have been very busy lately. When I am online, I check what is new then do my homework. I am sorry that I haven't been updating. So since it's the weekend let me give you a brief update:

New Schedule:
1st: Computer Applications
2nd: Algebra 1
3rd: Biology
4th: English Pre Honors

I changed my schedule 3 times. This is my final schedule for 1st semester.

Freshmen Officers:
President: Coquina Teregeyo
Vice President: Jove Jenn Maalihan
Secretary: Jackie David
Treasurer: Donovan Tudela
Parliamentarian: Joshua Diaz
Ombudsmen/person: Mylene Balisalisa

I was the last one to run for office and I turned in my application and essay late, so I got the lowest position! Hehe :)

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