Monday, August 6, 2007

A new week in a new school..

Alright, well no. I am not going to be posting up blogs for everyday I have at Southern. I'm just sharing my first days experiences. Well today was when we got started with everything.

JROTC- We got into our PL, did some drills, and met our CO's and SGTs. Algebra 1- We divided into groups of 4 and did a quiz on pre-algebra. I was with my Sophomore friends and may I tell you. They had her last year and yet they didn't answer one darn question. We didn't finish our quiz because I was the only one effortlessly trying to get it down while they were talking. If only the quiz was individual, I'd be taking credit for my own work.
World History- Did a warm up of 8-12 questions. We all had different questions and we had to use resources that were in class to answer them, such as: atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, and almanac. We've got homework! Current event one page essay and it's due on Friday (must be read to class)! English Pre Honor- We did our first vocabulary work, while doing that Mr. Muira played Hawaiian music videos! They were hilarious!

Tomorrow, I've gotta get my textbooks, four of them! Darn it!

Oh yes, some updates: I'm sorry but yes our break is 30 minutes. Break is actually 15 minutes but they included another 15 minutes for prep time.

Freshmen Officer: I decided that I will not run for officer this year. Though, I promised my fellow classmates that are running, that I will be helping them out if needed. This is my last and only year at Southern, I want to focus on my work and stick with what I do best. Running for office might ruin my priorities, though I am still a proud member of the S.A.V.E. Club. I will be devoting myself to that but my Freshmen class activities will only be for extra purposes.

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