Friday, August 3, 2007

Mylene is a Freshmen? Oh yes!

Like what I did for my first days for 7th, 8th, and now 9th grade.. I picked up Jessica from her house (even though she lives at Koblerville already). I insist on picking her up so that I won't be lost walking around by myself. So I guess, this time. We both were walking around together alone. It was so sad, well not until my friend Christine, a junior called my name. Before I turned, I heard someone say "not ashame" and I knew immediately that it was Jay. So I was like "hey" then gave him a hugged. First hug of the day! Lol. Then I walked to Christine and gave her a hug. Not even 5 minutes later, the bell rings and we were off to first period, JROTC.

SGT M. Kiyoshi and other CO's introduce themselves. Kiyoshi talks for the whole period. Wow, must I tell you. There are so many rules! So much to learn. I was thinking to myself, "can I handle it? Whoa, this is going to be a long semester!" Lol. Bell rings and we were off to second period, Algebra 1. Ah! It turns out that Jessica & I both have algebra one for that period but are in different classes, so sad.. She had to go to her class :(. Darn, my algebra teacher is so straight up to the point. Right away, she just takes attendance and gives us hand outs. Makes us read it to ourselves then gives us our first class work, one thing I haven't learned yet.. A Sudoku. What a pain, she only explained how to do it for less than 5 minutes and we were on our own. I didn't finish mine, most of the class didn't and she collected them after doing it for 30 minutes. Then she gives us a second one to take home for home work. I don't think I'm going to enjoy her class this year.. but just in case, I'm going to try to change my class!

After 2nd, we have break. Just to let everyone know, our break is 15 minutes. It is not 30 minutes! Alright, so I get out of class.. I walk around for 2 minutes by myself trying to look for Jessica. I looked like a loner! It was so sad! So instead, I decided to walk to my 3rd period. While I was walking there, Jove spots me. I was like "thank god, I'm not alone anymore!". We stayed in between the A and B building.. In front of the vending machine! Lol. Wow, then here comes some freshmens! Lol. Jessica finds me! We all asked each others schedules then said this and that. Next is 3rd. I have Mrs. Rasa, I'm sorry but she talks so much and so fast! She says that we will be doing a lot of talking in her class. Sometimes I like that, but I get shy around people I don't know. Half of my class are freshmens then the rest are juniors and seniors. For our first task, we had to go up to the board write down 5 things and one out of the five had to be a false statement about ourselves. A junior got mine right, hmm.. I wonder how she knew! She doesn't even know me, pretty creepy!

Off to lunch.. Jessica & I follow Alyssa to Mr. Tudela's class. The class had three groups.. Cindy (my sophomore friend) and her friends. The bumba squad and NHS students (my junior friends). Then there was my group, the freshmen sonics and sixers spot with 4 girls! Lol. I am friends with everyone that was in Mr. T's class but I decided to stay with the freshmens! They are so funny, I had an awesome time. I think that'll be our spot for lunch. Others that Jessica & I might consider spotting at, is at the Caf. or at Mr. Muira's class (my English pre honors teacher, 4th period). Jessica's sister is pretty much buddy buddy with him and it looks like Jessica and I will too. Now time for 4th period.. I absolutely love my classmates and plus my teacher. It is all with the smartest freshmen kids. I'm pretty sure it will be a bit competitive with all of the smart kids but I think we will all be really good friends. Ah! I love you guys already!

My first day of as a high school student was really fun. Southern fo' sure, is the best school in the CNMI. We rock! Haha. GO MANTAS =)

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