Sunday, August 26, 2007

Girl Power!!

So on August 25th, we were suppose to have a clean up with the whole S.A.V.E. Club and Beautify CNMI, but unfortunately.. They had their own clean up by Hopwood and we did ours. So Madisa, Jessica, Keisha, and I had our own clean up. We hiked own to the beach, filled up 10 bags of trash. To our opinion, it doesn't look like we made any difference. We didn't want to pick up too much because bring them back up would be a hassle.

You know what? The pictures explain more.. Here you go:

Our hike down...

Where do we start?

Look at the trash. Wait, there's A LOT MORE!

Our way back up..

Madisa & I are the only ones that has gone down to this beach before and we were the ones that suggested to clean up the beach. YES! WE NEED SOME CLEANING TO DO!

We were surprised that so many fishermen came down to fish that day. A few of them stopped to talk to us and asked us what we were doing. They kind of thought we were crazy to think that we are seriously going to pick up all that trash. I decided to ask one of the fishermen what were his thoughts about going to the beach looking like this, and this is what he had to say:

Now take a look at all the pictures in my Picasa Album (left colum). Now tell me that you're going to help us clean this beach up! Do it for the island, fishermen, and for the world.

P.S.: When we do the clean up, I suggest we think of some easier way to get the trash back up because IT WAS SO TIRING! Some of the fishermen had to help us carry them back up.

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