Sunday, July 29, 2007

Zombie.. Zombie.. yeh, yeh.

I just got back from 28 hours of laughs, pigging out, sleepless night, and just basically FUN! Madi was glad that we only had a few people, just her close buds! There was only Madi, Paila, Sami, Nicole, and I. The rest couldn't make it. But hey, lucky for us. We ate so much chow! I think I might've gained a few from the party, lol.

Alright, so let me give you a rundown on our so called "fun"
First comes Sami, I start cooking up the hotdogs.
(I burnt 'em.)
Sami tells us the conclusion of the Harry Potter series.
Play cards, then Nicole comes.
Madi brings out the cake.
Play cards, tell stories, talk about high school.
Paila comes, I roast marsh mellows.
Nicole & I try to start up the fire again.
(Nicole started the fire)
We pig out on the food and talk more about high school.
Nicole leaves..
Sami, Madi, Paila, & I sat outside in the dark
We get a little freaked out and we were waiting for the thunder to hit at midnight
(There was no thunder.. Lame!)
Listening to the radio and telling stories 'till we got more freaked out
Went inside, watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air and gave each other back massages
Go inside the room, all for of us in a queen sized bed telling stories
We stayed up 'till 5 am, just talking and laying down
I turned off the lamp and we all knocked out
We were suppose to stay up 'till the sunrise but thanks to me, everyone fell asleep when I turned off the lamp
The first time I woke up, it was 9am
I went back to sleep, woke up a few times
We all wake up at the same time, it seemed liked we were going to get out of bed already but we went back to sleep
We finally got out of bed at 1pm :)
I cooked breakfast/lunch, eat ice cream in bed
Laid down and talk some more
Sami leaves..
Paila, Madi, and I clean up Madi's room
We took some funny flix in my phone
(I can't export it into my computer so if you wanna see it, ask me when you see me)
Around 6, three of us with Madi's mom go to Oleai's for TACOS!
We all went come around 8.

Now that was fun! We are planning on having another one of those but something different.
We'll let you know about the info when we finish planning.

Sami has some pix from the beginning of the party but not all, not the interesting parts, lol. So you could check out her blog for the pix.

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marianas life said...

hey i'm back and a zombie too from jet lag. bali was awesome. glad to hear your parteh was fun.