Monday, July 2, 2007

Oh NO!

Last night, I was talking to my brother Jun at Guam. He told me that my mom told him that we were leaving this year! WHAT? No way. I haven't asked my mom about it but my mom has been talking about leaving Saipan for so long. They are almost done fixing the papers, so does that mean that we are almost leaving? Oh no!

Well, yes I do want to move but not now. Maybe a year from now but not this year. I've met so many people and became so close to so many of them, that it will break my heart to leave them. It's like I'm going to be losing a part of me!

I will be glad to see my cousins at Hawaii but leaving my home! I wouldn't call any where my home but Saipan, I was born and raised here! No one can break the love I have for the place I call "home".

Aw, well I'm not so sure of my facts but I think I am leaving. I'll give an update about it soon.