Monday, July 23, 2007

Inseparable Bestfriends

I started out with just one bestfriend and thought that she'd be irreplacable. Though and one whole year of getting to know a person, knowing their pros and cons, learning each others life style, not getting sick of each other for the longest time; I've concluded that I do have room for another bestfriend. She is no other than my vp, partner all around, VIP, and practically my sister: Madisa Lisa Onni.

She has been with me through thick and thin. When I had drama with our friends, she never took sides and kept by my side. When I had drama and need someone for support, she was there to help me through it. When I do stupid stuff, she'd always be there to tell me what's right. She would never get sick of me and everytime we are together, we have the time of our lifes! I love this girl. I hope no one nor nothing to separate us as bestfriends.

Thanks Madisa! You're GREAT!

Wondering why I haven't been online since Saturday? Well since 2:30pm on Saturday to 7:00pm on Monday, I was with thee one and only Madisa! Whoa, wondering what could be have possibly have done? Well, let me give you the whole 411:

Church-Death Anniversary (Cepeda Family)
Party afterwards
Got Home-Watched TV, used the phone, slept late

Woke up late
Ate a late breakfast
(Best movie so far! I think it beat Harry Potter..Shh!)
Went home-cooked dinner, played cards, watch TV, used the phone
Slept early

Ate breakfast
Went shopping at Ace
Help Mama Marj transfer a plant into a bigger pot
Did erands with Mama Marj & Madi
Went home-ate lunch, played cards
Went to the beach (Mirco)
Went shopping for Dinner
Got home-ate dinner, played cards, called people
Went home!

I didn't know I would be this busy in 3 days. I had so much FUN!
Thanks Madisa & Mama Marj.

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