Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July

First of, I'd like to point out that this was a really long long day!

At 8 a.m. Madisa and I went to the Light house at Navy Hill, where we met up with a few of our Beautify CNMI friends. We did a lot of cleaner upper and if you take a look at the place now, it looks pretty good. We just need to paint the place and do a little more work on it and it'll look good as new!

After the clean up we went back to with Bree, we spotted at her place for a while then Madisa's mom got us. Madisa, Litcelle, and I were in the parade. We helped out Fish and Wildlife and was their "28-snake" girls, lol. The parade was HOT! Before it was 3 p.m. we were lined up to go because we were told that we are 3rd in line, but NO! We were the last in the marching section of the parade, what a bummer. We wait for 30 minutes or more for us to start moving into our line.

The whole parade was good, we took turns holding the banner, sitting at the back of the pick-up giving out stickers, and sitting in the pick-up to get cool air! Everyone loved the snake! One of the guys that worked in DFW carried the snake the whole way through, he brought the snake to the people and they got to touch it! Too bad, I didn't get to hold it myself! They wouldn't let me! Well overall it was cool :).

When the parade was over, we were exhausted but oh no, we aren't stopping yet! We went to back to DFW and brought back the snake to its aquarium. We got the chance to feed them, well I did. I caught the little mice that were in the storage room and I let go the mice into their aquarium and we watched the snake squeeze it and swallow it up! It was so cool! Haha.

It was around six by then and we were running late for the BBQ at the lighthouse. So Maddie's mom just bought two boxes of pizza from Bobby's Cadillac. Then we had to wait for a while until one of the ladies from DFW met up with us, so that we could give her back her daughters bag. Once we were ready, we were off to the lighthouse. Angelo and Ej were already there. They had set up the place. They had placed little candles by the stair way. It was romantic, though I am still a teenager and I'm still young to have a boyfriend, I still think that the whole idea was nice! Nice work guys!

We ate some good food. We ate two different types of rice, sushi rice and a rice mixed with this type of squash and some other stuff. Then there were BBQ and tiny hot dogs and beef burger. The rest of the night, we were sort of in groups. The adults were always together, either up in the light house or sitting in the chairs talking. Then the kids were in our own spot while Adam played his PSP. I don't think he likes making new friends much, he sort of scared me when I went up to him and said hi then he just sat there and looked at me, so I left. Lol. Well I enjoyed it there and we sure did get a good view of the fireworks.

No, don't think the days is over yet because it isn't. After the BBQ, Madisa, Litcelle, Shanai, and I went to Maddie's place and had a not so called slumber party but more of sleep in party. We were all tired from the long day, we all wanted to sleep but that isn't much fun. So Madisa brought out her makeup and decided to play back up. Maddie put makeup on me and Litcelle put makeup on Shanai. After that, we were too tired to do anything, so we all knocked out!

That whole day was so long, tiring, hot, and yet really nice! Good way of spending your summer break eh?

Oh yeah, one more thing I almost forgot. The theme for this years Liberation Day parade is "War is the key to peace and freedom!". What, are you kidding me? That's a really dumb theme. Anyone wanna tell me why the heck did they chose that theme? It's really dumb, makes us look bad!