Monday, July 23, 2007

Guess who's back?


So if you don't know yet, Jessica is my bestfriend since the 1st grade. We've been through so many and this is the first summer we were apart! I thought I couldn't go through the summer without her but with the help of my second bestfriend, Madisa, all turned out well! I'm glad she is back. I've missed her! Jessica was at P.I. most of her summer and just came back this morning at 1am. ..And can you believe, I stayed up 'till 2am to wait for her phone call. Well she didn't call, she texted me and she said her home phone is broken. So when I told her I stayed up for her, she called me with her neighbors phone. Eysh, I'm so special! Lol. I love this girl, very talkative too! Lol. Kidding Jess, Welcome back!

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