Thursday, July 5, 2007

Feeling a little sea sick ey?

Today was a very tiring day! I still can't believe I'm up, I should be sleeping by now. Oh well, I just wanted to update my blog before the next day.

So today, we went to DEQ to have a tour of their lab and the cool stuff they do. They explained to us their weekly schedule and showed us how they test the water they take in from the lagoons and from water companies. We will all write a small description about what we've learned about the tour, so you should check it out at the S.A.V.E. Club website.

Well, after the tour we had our first official meeting as an island wide group. There was only a few of us but we still elected officers. I am once again the president, Madisa is the VP, Zoe is the Secretary, and Litcelle is the Public Relationships Officer. I think we have a good gang here, but I not so excited to be president again. I wanted to decline my nomination but I looked around the room and I looked into their faces and they seem like they really wanted me to run. So I did and I didn't vote for myself! Lol. Well hopefully I'll make you guys proud and be a good president but I'm kind of having second thoughts. Sorry!

Okay, so you ready for the fun stuff now? Well after everything at DEQ, we got dropped off at DFW but then her mom said that she had to go out and do some work, so she just dropped us off at Shanai's house/boat at smiling cove. We went biking, ate watermelon, helped her with her myspace, Shanai gave us a tour of her boat (pretty cool), and just did some random stuff! Her boat is cool! And I think I'm still dizz, I can feel myself rocking back and forth even though I'm not moving! Whoa, I was sea sick a bit eh?

Well here are a few pictures we took:

We are replaying Titanic!

Shanai, Maddie, and I

Giddy-up :)

Another long day.. I'm beat! Good night everyone!

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