Thursday, July 5, 2007

eh, you're so SPECIAL!

I wanna top what Hope wrote for me on her blog.. So here you go, I wanna share with you the message I wrote on my myspace for you:

I miss you so much Hope Gomez! Even if I met you just this summer, you mean so much to me! You are like a little sister who understands me when I yell at you for your own good. For all those times I did yell at you, I am sorry! You know why I did it and I know you will forgive me for that. And for all those times, I was not mad at you. I was just trying to make you learn from your own mistakes! Please, remember me forever! Yes forever, because I'll remember you my Joy Joy! Thanks for all the good times at camp. See you soon my Darling :D

I Love You my Gorgeous Little Sister!

By the way, sister you've gotta get a myspace. PLEASE! :D

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Hopey! said...

I don't remember you yelling at me, well even if you did. I love ya myLina ur the BEST.Thanx 4everything and the fun times we had at camp. By the way, the green bracelet is yoours or Medisas cuz wen you gave it to me, i forgot to give it back sorry! :)