Monday, July 9, 2007

Does that mean no more fun?

Let's see, I went to the first night of the carnival and surprisingly, I went to the last one, which was last night. I went with my friends Keisha, Jason, and Miso. Well like any other carnival night, we were bored. Keisha, Jason, and I went to Mc Donald's and got ice creams. Then we met up with Miso. Keisha and I wanted to ride the octopus for one last time, so we did. It was fast, th second fastest I've been on. Haha! It was really funny! Keisha kept on getting mad at me because I was enjoying it while she was screaming, lol. Last night was fun, it was cool messing around with Jason again! I've missed that guy!

So I guess, that means I've been to the carnival 5 times this summer. Whoa. So now that camp is over, the carnival is over, and pretty much half of my friends are off island, what is there to do? I've got less than one month till my HIGH school life begins, am I ready? I keep asking myself questiona like, Will I get hard classes? Will people like me? What am I going to wear? Dang, high school! Lol

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