Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are you ready?

Tonight Madisa and I went to the street market, like every street market night we always stop by our favorite vendors.. Mr. Garison and Mrs. Garison, wait! I'm not sure if they're married yet. Anyway, I bought a pair of earrings and started a conversation with my soon to be vice principal at Saipan Southern High, Mr. Garison.

Ah! That guy first knew me when he saw me, my friend, and my cousin at SSHS and my friend was smoking a cigarette, no I wasn't smoking, my cousin wasn't smoking but our friend was. If you're going to ask, so why didn't we move away from her when she was smoking, don't. Well Mr. Garison caught us and ask for our names. I was so ashamed because he knew my two older brothers and thought better of me. Oh well, I don't think he thinks I'm like that anymore. I'm probably known as his wife/gf's favorite customer. Lol

Anyway, I asked him when was orientation and well, he seemed happy about the upcoming school year. Alright, so if you guys don't know yet, here are the orientation dates.

Orientation Dates:
July 30-Seniors
July 31-Juniors
Aug. 1-Sophomores
Aug. 2-Freshmen

I'm excited and also nervous for this school year. I already know so many people from every grade but you never know how things are going to be. Well alright, see you guys there :)

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