Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who loves me?

Okay, I love my blog site but I would really love it even more if I have pictures to share with you guys. Well, I had a digital camera in the beginning of the school year but my brother forced me to make him borrow it. For one week, it went on.. the punching, the hitting, the screaming at my face. It was so annoying I just had to give it. So I did, I sort of forgot about it for a few days, then I wanted it back. I asked my brother and he said he doesn't have it. It took me a few days until I found out that someone had stole it from his back pack at school. What a dumb ass! I knew I didn't trust him and yet he is so careless to leave his bag around for someone to take it? He is such an IDIOT!

Well my question is.. Who wants to buy me a digi cam for me? Let's just say, an early birthday present for my birthday that's coming up on August 26? Come on, who loves me? Hehe!

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