Friday, June 8, 2007

summer `07

Summer 2007. This summer feels a lot different from last year. Okay, so since I haven't been writing much blogs, I'll write a few random things about the beginning of my summer and then again in the end.. So here you go:

1. Summer has been a bit boring!

2. So many of my friends are going offisland: Megan, Jessica, Clyde, Nakita, Madelyn, James, Ashley, Michelle, etc.. I'm gona miss all of them.

3. I've been sort of grounded this summer. I always have to ask to go out and there is always a limit of time I can go out.

4. I almost had a boyfriend this summer but sadly, he is moving to Kentucky.

5. I feel like I lost my bestfriend/cousin.

6. I've been to the carnival 4 times so far, I'm planning on going to more.

7. I've become really lazy and so tired lazy, I want to work out again.

8. I think I gained weight!

9. I've been having mood swings lately.

10. I'm actually feeling a bit nervous for high school.

10 random things.. I'll add more if I think of anything else.. =)

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marianas life said...

okay enviro camp will be last week of june! save the date and spread the word.