Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

After my trip from Managaha, I've been thinking about a few things over and over and yet I still haven't gotten them out of my mind. Here they are:

1. Don't you ever wonder about something you are confused about or just couldn't understand why that person did that to you? And yet every time you try and talk to the person about it or even try and figure it out, nothing really comes out the way you want it to? Well I know I will still keep wondering about it and hopefully one day, I'll figure things out. And well, I guess it's true.. Somethings are just left unsaid.

2. Why are fake friends so fake? I know we may have something in the past, but we're over it right? Cause the way you act shows you are. Well wrong! I guess people just haven't grown up! If you don't like me, then fine! I don't care, but there's only one thing I ask. Don't be a coward and stop being so fake in front of my face!
If you say that everything is alright between us in front of my face then why go talk shit about me behind my back, right after saying that? If you are trying to be my friend and you are just talking about me because your friends dislike me too. Then you know what? Do us all a favor, and don't be my friend at all!

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