Friday, June 29, 2007

Managaha Trip

When the bus finally came, we had to wait for Angelo and Bree at the dock. We were off on the 3:30pm boat! Yay, finally! Lol.

When we arrived on the island, we had to haul all our things to the camp site. We had a wagon full of things! Wow, for just 12 people we brought a lot of stuff, compared to the other group, they had 70 people! Aidai, we first timers! Lol.

Once we got to our camp site, we were to set up all the tents before going out to play. We set up 5 tents and only 2 tents were used! Haha. That's funny! Most of us slept on the beach, well I'll tell more about that later.

We got all the tents ready, so what's next? PLAY TIME! Haha. Well most of them played volleyball and Hope and I went swimming. Everyone joined us after the other team lost! Haha! Lol. When some of us got tired, we went back to camp to help make dinner. We are so cool, we ate dog and buns, chips, and cucumber and carrots with a dressing of tuna spread. Haha! Well, when it started to get darker and we were all digested. We brought out the marsh mallows, chocolate, and the crackers! SMORES TIME! It was fun, we all huddled by the fire and ate smores. YUMMY in MY TUMMY!

We all felt full, so I decided to go down to the beach, lay my towel on the sand and look at the ocean and the moon. Lucky us, we had a full moon. The moon was so bright, you didn't need to us a flashlight, that night was gorgeous. A couple of them joined me, then it was time to work again!

We went to the other side and down to the beach. We collected water from the ocean and dumped it into the aquarium to see if we could find some plankton or other little animals in the sea. We didn't find much plankton but we found some other creatures. I forgot what they were. Anyway, everyone kept on asking if they could go and play beach volleyball. I think Mrs. Bree got annoyed, so after we collected all the water/creatures we wanted she asked each and everyone of them questions to answer. If they got it right, then they get to play! I'm not a volleyball person, so I decided not to play. I just sat on the sand, watched the ocean, sit next to Angelo and Bree, and pour sand on Angelo's arm! :D.

When they got back from playing, Litcelle and I buried Angelo! He got sand in his ear and belly button. && I tickled him, which made everything seem much more funny! Hehe.

We buried Hope too!

We went back to the camp site. A few people ate more smores and some just spotted while Madisa was giving me a back massage! We started hearing baby cries, which were coming from those Shear water birds. Anyway, Angelo and the boys were thinking of tying traps for people to trip on. Whoops, I mean Craig did but Angelo gave him the idea! So i decided to follow but Angelo was actually looking if he could find those birds. We had no luck, so we decided to walk around the island. Angelo scared those people when he pointed to the tree and said, "Do you see that lady?". Madisa jumped on me, it was funny! When we were in the other side of the island, we sat down on the sand, looked up on the moon, and talked.

We wanted to see the stars so we went to the other side, the flat sandy area. We sat down again and I started pouring sand on Angelo again! Haha. So yes, it is true. Every time we sit down on the sand, I start pouring sand on Angelo. Well hey! Boredom kills! Lol.

When Angelo said he was going to sleep on the beach, we thought, hey that sounds good. So we got our sleeping bags and some chow. We laid down, talked, then later on. I feel asleep next to Angelo, some were on the other side of him, then some of them stayed awake. I woke up a few times when I heard Sami talking on the phone at 2 o'clock in the morning! I felt myself shivering and I saw that Angelo had put his towels over me because I was so cold! Thanks Angelo! Really, that was so weird, I tried so hard to stop shivering but I just couldn't! Wow. Island girl finally got a little taste of cold weather! Lol. So I slept at 1:30, on and off because of those people that kept talking. I think they slept at 4am because that's when I stop hearing Sami talking on the phone. Everyone slept except for Craig and James. They were wondering around looking for those birds and making so much noise at the camp site.

Maddie just couldn't sleep any where without Hairy Harry!

When we woke up, it was around 5 or 6 am. The sun was rising, it was beautiful. So we all got up, laughed about what happened that night and then got all our stuff and went to the camp site. Angelo and Litcelle didn't help! Lol. Anyway, when we got back to the camp site, no one was out yet, until we made so much noise, Bree and Hope woke up. We told them the things that happen then ate a little or i mean, i did.

After we ate, we cleaned up, got all our stuff together and put them on the wagon to pull up on the dock. When we got done with that, we went out swimming again! My third time! Lol. We swam, took some pictures, and talked. Some of us went to play volleyball. When we got tired of the hot sun, we decided to clean ourselves up and wait for the boat to come.

While we were waiting, it started to rain and all our stuff got wet. When we were on the boat, I was just thinking about all the things we had done in the past week and I didn't want it to end! I was having so much fun! Aw, I'm going to miss that one week of fun. Hey Bree, maybe next year, it could be two weeks? Hehe.

Well in the end..

I wasn't too happy to leave Managaha.
See the sad face?

Well, I guess my job here is done. I had a lot of fun with everyone! Thanks to all the people that helped make the camp happen, especially Bree and Angelo! Hopefully, next year again! Take care.



Hope said...

Hey MyLene! I miss you already. Managaha was so fun! Cant wait till next year, but what was really funny was Angelos pigtails! Anyways, comment me!!!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


I had nothing to do with the tying of the trip wires. That was all Craig.