Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dirty Three.

MC Camp today was fun! We had people from Fish and Wildlife come to present us with the brown tree snake. Yay! I got to see Maddie again after three days of not seeing her! Lol. Well her mom works for DFW so she was there to talk about the brown tree snake. The thing that was really cool about today was that I got to hold the snake! It was wrapped around my arm! It was soo cool. I haven't done that since elementary! Lol.

DFW brought one of their snake sniffing dogs and they showed the dog sniffing the containers to smell if there is a brown tree snake in it. It was so cool because the dog really did good. It sat down when it sense the snake. They asked a volunteer to rearrange the containers, so I volunteered. I made it the last container and the dog did the same thing as it did the first time. It was so cool! Plus, I got to see Jack, Madisa's dog. He's a wild thing.

Today, we also practiced our PSAs that we made the day before. Sami and I wrote PSAs about Littering and the "Walk it, Don't Drive it", D.R.I.V.E. Some of us are going to the radio station tomorrow to cast our PSAs on air. Now that's going to be cool.

We started doing these models of different types of coral reefs. Sami, Hope, and I are doing a model of a fringe coral reef, I had fun. We played with clay and some pasta! Tomorrow we will continue doing that and hopefully present them somewhere out in the public.

The last activity that we did was on water waste. We were given a cup of waste water and we were to make that water clear by using a few materials such as a funnel, paper towel, cotten balls, sand, baking soda, etc.

Today was really cool!

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