Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day two.

Mironesia Challenge Camp Day Two.
So today was very long, very cold, very interesting, and yet everytime I try to listen really carefully, my mind wonders around and think about something else but overall it was good. We went to P.I.C. for a Workshop on Traditional Fishing Techniques. We had four lecturers for the day: Stan Taisakan, Lino M. Olopai, Dr. Teny Topalian, and Noel B. Guitugua.

Stan Taisakan talked about canoe building. He told us all the different techniques on the "Achuman". He taught us the right way to building a right canoe and the right timing to go out and use it. I don't remember much because I wasn't there for most of the presentation.

Lino M. Olopai, I have been to his presentations before but once again, Mr. Olopai had something even more exciting to share with us. We sat through his "first ever slide show" on traditional fish traps and their uses and taboos. He showed about 6 different types of fishing traps, which are used for different kinds of fishes, from big to small. He also talked more about Canoe, so I guess I caught up on some of Mr. Taisakan's lectures.

Dr. Teny Topalian, for her lecture she talked us through it. She talked about preserving marine biodiversity and cultural diversity, main topic--Corals. I sort of knew about mostly all she was talking about because I did a project on Corals for my Micronesia Challenge Project for school and I got most of those down. She was going a little too fast with her lecture, so I couldn't really keep up and it was kind of boring.

Lastly, Noel B. Quitugua, his presentation was on traditional tools and fishing implements. He showed us the different types of tools they use to fish and the different techniques they use for them. Those tools were cool, I like the shell bait looking one.

So thus concludes my day at camp. Tomorrow we will be at Hopwood for the day, doing some cool activities, experiments, and I'm guessing another presentation? Well, we'll have to see. Hey can someone send me the group picture we took at the workshop? Thanks.

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