Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day Four of BCMCSC

This morning, around 7am Bree, Angelo, Sami, and Zoe were on air at the 103.9 station to talk about our Summer Camp. I didn't get a chance to listen to them but I heard that they did great! Good job guys! Good way to represent!

When it was around 8 we all met up at the radio station for all of us to record our PSAs we made. Sami and I did a skit on D.R.I.V.E. and Littering. Mark, Litcelle, Craig, and Tristan talked about the Coral Reefs and Turtle. The most unique group was with Rose, Ann, Hope, and Zoe, they sang a song they originally made up with their own words about Beautify CNMI. I had to help them out because they weren't ready! Don't worry, it's okay! I was happy to help. While recording, I was nervous and I hated how my voice sounded like! GRR! But overall it was so fun!

After the radio station we went back to Hopwood to finish up our two experiments on the waste water and our coral reef models. We got out water clear and to a pH of neutral. We finished up our beautiful model and wrote a description about it!

Thanks to Tan Holdings we had free food from Shirley's. Angelo said it was worth $100? Wow, cool. Yummy food, I love french fries!

When we finished chowing we played two games then we were off to the CUC Lab..

Here we are:

I love this picture! One group (our group) looks retarded, the other group looks like tourist, and the other one look like cute little girls! Haha!

Oh yeah, thanks Tasi Tours for the transportation today!

Well, I'd say that today has been my favorite day of camp! Tomorrow we're going tree planting and camp out at Managaha! Yay! More fun! I wish camp didn't have to end so soon! I'm having so much fun! And I met cool new people, such as: Hope!

HAHA, love you Hope! :P

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