Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanks Ian!

What happened between these two lovers?
It's like they be separating from each other.
She's confused 'bout how things are going
Should they break up or should they continue to spread the loving?
She doesn't think that he likes her still
Mad, Sad, Depressed...That's how she feels
Should their relationship come to an end?
Or would he step up, and continue being more than friends?
Man, she deserves more than this!
She doesn't deserve any of this bull shit!
She put up wif life, and just be taking whatever is handed to her
She needs to be treated like royalty, pleasured, and pampered.
When will this guy open his eyes and realize...
That she needs someone to love her... Now that ain't a lie!

The school years coming to an end and a friend of mine thinks I deserve happiness after a hard year of work. So what do you say? ;)

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