Thursday, May 3, 2007

Survey Anyone?

Tonight me and about four of my classmates, whom are my partners for our Micronesian Challenge Project went out to Saipan's weekly Thursday Street Market at Garapan to ask people to take a survey for us. Our topic is Corals and Coral Reefs. We had a survey which consisted six questions about Corals.

Here are some that I remember that were on the survey:

1. Do you like corals?
(Honestly, that question wasn't suppose to be there but one of my group members said it and the person who made the survey took it seriously and put it down. O_o.)

2. Do you think Corals are important?

3. Do you think that the Coral Reefs are increasing or decreasing?

4. Did you know that lime is made out of Corals?
(People kind of got confused about that question but it was mainly about lime for the betel nut.)

5. Did you know that the Coral Reefs protect us from tsunamis?

6. Do you want to live in an island without a Coral Reef?

I'll get question #2 on here soon, when I get a hold of that survey. But to you guys that are viewing my site and hasn't taken this survey, please do so!

Thanks :)

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