Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hey everyone, especially to those whom have been a part of my life this past two years. All the people who have helped me go through my junior high years, i sincerely thank you all! I Love you guys! To make up for all the bad times, I hope that maybe you could come out and see me and Hopwood's 8th grade students finally promote! You are all welcome to join us in our ceremony and to spread the love of our fellow "promotees". Hope to see you there!

Where: Hopwood Jr. High School Stage Area
When: Wednesday, May 30
Time: 3pm-- Students have to be there by 2pm.

Thank you everyone! =]

Cinta, Angelo, and the rest of my Beautify CNMI friends.. I hope to see you there! I wouldn't have had the best year without you guys!

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